Introducing our fleet...

Daisy is our beautiful 1964 VW split-screen camper van. Daisy was our first campervan and the first available split-screen for hire in Aberdeen. Daisy originates from the UK and is original Right Hand Drive. Spent most of her days in Devon until we purchased to take her North.

She has been converted from a camper van to be used as a wedding vehicle. Daisy is ideal for weddings as she is painted in old English white with complimentary cream and beige interior. There is ample seating in the back with a fold down table to enjoy your champagne.

Daisy is still fitted with a pull out rock n' roll bed which made the campervans famous for in the swinging 60s.

To upgrade Daisy to the 21st century, we have upgrade the brakes system to modern disc brakes and all front facing seats have been fitted with seat belts for safety. There is also surround sound speakers been added to enjoy music of choice to and from your venues.

Tallulah was our second campervan and also an 1964 VW split-screen Kombi camper van with Safari pop out windows. Tallulah originated from South Africa and is also Right Hand Drive. She was imported to the UK in 2003 and spent her recent years in Wales.

While we were looking for our second campervan to compliment Daisy we always planned to call her Tallulah. After several months of searching for a clean campervan, we eventually came across this mint campervan in Wales and when we discovered her name was Tallulah, we knew this was meant to be.

Tallulah is stunning in her two tone copper and cream paint. She has white leather interior which also makes her ideal for weddings. She can be hired as the bridal vehicle like Daisy but can also compliment Daisy by being used by the Bridesmaid's or Grooms party. She is painted in two tones with copper and cream and white leather interior to compliment which makes her ideal for weddings.

Tallulah has also been upgraded to the 21st century. Modern disc brakes installed and all front facing seat belts have been fitted for that added security. She has an air suspension so the ride hide can be changed upon request, surround sound speakers and subwoofer to enjoy music of choice. For added privacy, she has tinted windows but visibility looking out not effected. Tallulah is also still fitted with the nostalgic pull out rock n' roll bed.